We serve courses according to traditional Polish – Lithuanian recipes .
We prepare ; meat and fish dishes [ from the morning fishing ] , large choice of salads , vegetable dishes , mushrooms soups , kartacze , kiszka ziemniaczana [ regional potato dishes ] pierogi with cabbage and mushrooms , sekacz [a special regional cake ], delicious desserts .

Nasza kuchnia Nasza kuchnia

Grzyby z naszych lasów

We offer cottage cheese and sousages prepared according to the local housewives recipes, who also propose dairy products :

  • honey ,
  • vegetables and fruit from own gardens
  • mushrooms picked in nearby forests .

We also offer bread baked on tatarak leaves in accordance with our grandmothers recipes. Served with fresh cottage butter it tastes unforgettable .

In summer evenings we organize meetings by the fire accompanied with a regional band playing . We offer grilled dishes , mushrooms fried on a real gipsy fry pan , boiling lobsters , sausages roasted on a stick .

Nasza kuchnia

Nasza kuchnia

Nasza kuchnia